Register For A Race

All ABT events have a two-step registration process. Please be advised that you are not registered for a race until both steps are completed.
  1. Complete the online registration form.  Start by clicking on the race you wish to register for.
  2. Pay for your registration.    

Weather Policy/Refunds:
All ABT events are expected to proceed as scheduled, even in less than ideal weather.  Should the weather be so bad as to force a cancellation of the event, refunds decisions will be made by the individual race directors.  That final decision does not come from ABT.  

Please be advised that not all races on the schedule are ABT Events.  Race policies, such as those for inclimate weather and refunds are defined by race directors, and not by ABT.

Click On The Title Of A Race For More Info.
If the race is an ABT event then you will be taken to the registration form.
If the race is NOT and ABT event, then you will be taken to that events website for registration.