Track Results

Any High School or Junior High track and field meets that we time will have results posted here. 
2019-05-07: WIC Championship-Girls Meet (Relay Members Still to be updated)
2019-04-30: EHS vs Owen Valley, Lighthouse, Indian Creek, and Northview
2019-04-29: EJHS vs Lighthouse and Owen Valley
2019-04-23: Decatur Central vs Mooresville and Greenwood Community
2019-04-20: Mustang Invitational (Weather Cancellation)
2019-04-16: EHS vs BNL
2019-04-15: EJHS vs Tri-North
2019-04-13: Forsberg Relays
2019-04-11: EJHS vs St. Charles
2019-04-08: EJHS vs Brown County 
2019-04-04: EHS vs Martinsville and Brown County 
2018-05-17: IHSAA Boys Sectional-Bedford North Lawrence 
2018-05-15: IHSAA Girls Sectional-Seymour
2018-05-12: Mustang Unified Invitational
2018-05-10: Hoosier Hills Conference Meet (BOYS)
2018-05-08: Western Indiana Conference Championship (GIRLS)
2018-05-7: EJHS vs Tri-North, Jackson Creek, Lighthouse 
2018-05-5: Marion County Freshman Meet   GIRLS RESULTS      BOYS RESULTS
2018-05-4: Patoka Lake Athletic Conference  GIRLS RESULTS       BOYS RESULTS
2018-05-1: EHS vs Owen Valley, Northview, and Lighthouse  GIRLS RESULTS        BOYS RESULTS
2018-04-26:  Indian Creek vs Edgewood 
2018-04-25: EJHS vs North Clay and Project School 
2018-04-24: Tipton Middle School Invitational     GIRLS RESULTS      BOYS RESULTS   
2018-04-21: Mustang Invitational GIRLS     BOYS
2018-04-19: Edgewood Junior High vs. John Wooden Middle School
2018-04-17: Bedford North Lawrence vs Edgewood
2018-04-10: Edgewood vs Terre Haute South and Mooresville
2017-05-22: IHSAA Unified Sectional
2017-05-11: WIC Boys Championship
2017-05-09: WIC Girls Championship 
2017-05-01: Edgewood Junior High vs. Owen Valley, Lighthouse, and St. Vincent
2017-04-27: Edgewood High School vs. Indian Creek and Lighthouse
2017-04-21: Mustang Invitational
2017-04-18: Edgewood High School vs. Bedford North Lawrence
2017-04-17: Edgewood Junior High vs. Tri-North and Harmony
2017-04-13: Edgewood Junior High vs. St. Charles Middle School
2017-04-10: Edgewood Junior High vs. Brown County Junior High
2017-03-30: Edgewood High School vs. Bloomington North High School (Incomplete due to storms)
2016-05-28: IHSAA Unified Sectional 
2016-05-13: WIC Championships-Boys
2016-05-13: WIC Championships-Girls
2016-05-05: Edgewood High School vs. Owen Valley High School
2016-05-03: Edgewood High School vs. Northview and Lighthouse Christian Academy
2016-04-25: Edgewood Junior High vs Batchelor Middle School
2016-04-23: Mustang Invitational
2016-04-21: Edgewood Junior High vs. Martinsville Junior High
2016-04-07: Edgewood High School vs. Brown County and Martinsville