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If you are entering your athletes for an event we are hosting, please use the corresponding links below

Cross Country and Track & Field

We use MileSplit for all of our track and cross country events.

If you are looking for the direct link to enter a meet in which your team is participating, you'll find that on our Upcoming Events page. 

General Instructions to Register for a Meet   LINK HERE

If you already have an MileSplit account: 

If you do not have a MileSplit account:

If you need help getting your accounts set up, getting rosters in, or finding your meet feel free to reach out to us.  

MileSplit support is also available HERE

Road Races

We can develop individualized systems for race entry and payment based on your needs.  We can also help you select different platforms that might be good options as well.    We are flexibile with this portion, because we understand that each race director might have different things they want to accomplish.  Our goal here is to offer our years of experience in the field, to help you figure out what works best for your event.