2022 Season

2022-10-30 Columbus Classic (Indiana Grand Prix)

2022-10-29 IYTA Championship

2022-10-16 Seymour Classic (Indiana Grand Prix)

2022-10-15 IHSAA Regional-Edgewood (Live Split Scoring)

2022-10-8 IHSAA Sectional-Bedford

2022-10-6 Seven Oaks vs Cannelton and Mooresville Christian

2022-10-5 Johnson County MS Meet

2022-10-1 WIC Middle School Championship

2022-10-1 Mid-South Conference Championship

2022-10-1 HHC Conference Championship

2022-09-29 BNL Middle School Invitational

2022-09-26 Brown County MS vs Edgewood JH and Harmony

2022-09-24 Ted Fox Memorial Invitational

2022-09-24 Mudsock Invitational

2022-09-22 Monroe County Middle School Meet

2022-09-22 Hamilton County MS District Meet

2022-09-20 Columbus Central CC Classic

2022-09-20 Silver Creek Dragon Invitational

2022-09-20 WIC Championship

2022-09-17 IU Kokomo Cross Country Invitational

2022-09-17 20th Annual MS Eagle Classic

2022-09-17 Golden Spike Invitational

2022-09-17 Tiger Cub Invite

2022-09-15 Jackson Creek MS vs Owen Valley MS

2022-09-15 Edgewood JH vs John Wooden MS

2022-09-15 Columbus Central MS vs Waldron MS

2022-09-13 Firehawk Invitational

2022-09-12 Brown County MS vs Owen Valley MS

2022-09-10 Whiteland Invitational

2022-09-10 Dragon Dash Invitational

2022-09-10 Mohawk Invitational

2022-09-08 OVMS vs St. Charles, Cloverdale, Harmony

2022-09-03 Grizzly Classic

2022-09-02 Ohio University XC Invitational

2022-09-01 Brown County MS Invitational

2022-08-31 Owen Valley vs EJHS and Eastern

2022-08-30 10th Annual Mustang Invitational

2022-08-30 Mohawk MS Invite

2022-08-29 Edgewood Colts MS Invite

2022-08-27 Tri-North Invitational

2022-08-27 Avon Hokum Karem

2022-08-25 Brown County Middle School vs St. Charles

2022-08-24 Decatur MS Hokum Karem

2022-08-23 Jackson Creek MS vs Bedford MS

2022-08-23 Columbus North HS vs Columbus East HS

2022-08-22 Scott Hiles Invitational

2022-08-20 Indian Creek Invite

2022-08-20 Flash Dash Invitational

2022-08-20 Patriot Invitational

2022-08-28 Seymour Invitational

2022-08-16 Batchelor Hokum Karem

2022-08-13 Pike Hokum Karem

2022-08-13 Jackson Creek Invitational

2021 Season

2021-10-30 IYTA Championships

2021-10-09 Mudsock Invitational

2021-10-02 Western Indiana Conference Championship MS

2021-09-28 Monroe County Meet HS

2021-09-27 EJHS vs Brown County and Lawrence County Independent MS

2021-09-23 Western Indiana Conference Championship HS

2021-09-22 Monroe County Championship JH

2021-09-18 19th Annual Middle School Eagle Classic

2021-09-16 EJHS vs John Wooden MS and North Lawrence Independent MS (Junior High)

2021-09-11 Whiteland Invitational (HS and JH)

2021-09-07 EJHS vs Cloverdale and Project School (Junior High)

2021-09-04 Franklin Grizzly Cross Country Classic (Junior High)

2021-08-31 Mustang Invitational (High School)

2019 Season

2019-10-05 WIC Championship Meet (Junior High)

2019-10-05 WIC Championship Meet (High School)

2019-10-01 Monroe County Meet (High School)

2019-09-30 EJHS vs Brown County (Junior High)

2019-09-25 Monroe County Middle School XC Meet

2019-19-23 EJHS vs Owen Valley

2019-19-19 EJHS vs JWMS/SevenOaks

2019-09-10 EJHS (Boys) vs Cloverdale

2019-09-10 EJHS (Girls) vs Cloverdale

2019-09-03 Mustang Invitational

2018 Season

2018-10-2 Monroe County Meet (Junior High) (at Edgewood)

2018-09-25 Monroe County Meet (HS) (at Edgewood)

2018-09-18 EHS vs Greencastle (boys), Owen Valley, and South Putnam (at Edgewood)

2018-09-13 EJHS vs John Wooden, Project School, Seven Oaks (at Edgewood)

2018-09-10 EJHS vs Shawswick, Bloomington, and Seven Oaks (at Edgewood)

2018-08-28 Mustang Invitational (at Edgewood)

2018-08-18 11th Hour Meet (at Edgewood, last minute cancellation hosting)

2017 Season

2017-10-03 Monroe County Meet (JH) (at Edgewood) (Corrected results at 9:51 pm)

2017-09-26 Monroe County Meet (HS) (at Edgewood)

2017-09-25 EJHS vs Brown County (at Edgewood)

2017-09-18 EJHS vs OV and Bloomington Bobcats (at Edgewood)

2017-09-05 EJHS vs Cloverdale and Project School (at Edgewood)

2017-08-30 EJHS vs Eastern and Owen Valley (at Edgewood)

2017-08-29 Mustang Invitational (at Edgewood)

2017-08-28 EJHS vs Batchelor and Owen Valley (at Edgewood)

2016 Season

2016-09-27 County XC Meet-High School (at Edgewood)

2016-09-21 Monroe County Meet-Junior High (at Edgewood)

2016-09-20 EHS vs OwenValley (at Edgewood)

2016-09-15 Tri-North vs. Brown County (at Tri-North)

2016-09-15 EJHS vs. John Wooden MS (at Edgewood)

2016-09-12 EJHS vs. Shawswick (at Edgewood)

2016-08-30 Mustang Invitational (at Edgewood)

2016-08-24 Tri-North vs Columbus Northside (at Tri-North)

2016-08-20 11th Hour Meet (at Edgewood)

2015 Season

2015-10-03 WIC Championship Meet: High School (at Edgewood)

2015-10-03 WIC Championship Meet: Junior High (at Edgewood)

2015-09-28 EJHS vs Brown County (at Edgewood)

2015-09-26 Ted Fox Memorial Invitational (at BNL)

2015-09-24 Monroe County Junior High Meet (at Edgewood)

2015-09-22 EHS vs Owen Valley (at Owen Valley)

2015-09-21 EJHS vs Owen Valley (at Edgewood)

2015-09-01 Mustang Invitational (at Edgewood)

2015-08-31 EJHS vs Batchelor (at edgewood)