IPS Middle School Championship Series

2024 Championship Series Schedule 

Pre-Tourney Meets*

Teams at each location can be found here: Team Location Assignments

Wed April 15:  Pre-Tourney Meet #1-Christel House (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Wed April 15: Pre-Tourney Meet #2-George Washington (*6Lane)   RESULTS

Wed April 17: Pre-Tourney Meet #3-Christel House (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Wed April 17:  Pre-Tourney Meet #4-Shortridge (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Wed April 24: Pre-Tourney Meet #5-George Washington (*6Lane)  RESULTS

Wed April 24Pre-Tourney Meet #6-Shortridge (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Wed May 1: Pre-Tourney Meet #7-Christel House (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Wed May 1Pre-Tourney Meet #8-Shortridge (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Championship Qualifiers  

Top 4 positions from each meet are auto-qualifiers for the championship;

The next four best marks from the three meets combined will also qualify for the championship; 

Top 8 total marks will be seeded in the top heat/flight; Marks 9-16 will be seeded in the second heat/flight. 

Sat May 11: Qualifier Site 1-Christel House  (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Sat May 11: Qualifier Site 2-Shortridge  (*8Lane)   RESULTS

Sat May 11: Qualifier Site 3-George Washington  (*6Lane)  RESULTS

2024 IPS K-8 Championship Meet

Wed May 17: Championship- Christel House   HEAT SHEETS      RESULTS

Pre-Tourney and Qualifier Meet Registration

All meet entries for the series will run through MileSplit.  You will need to complete the following steps. (Steps 1-3 will only be done the first time, 4-5 will be done for each meet)

Once you have set up your account and entered your roster, you will not need to do that again.  For future meets we time you will simply accept the invitation and get your athletes entered to the events you want them in. 

More details on this process, including links to MileSplit support pages with screenshots and detailed explanations can be found at our Event Entry Help  page. 

Once the pre-tourney and the qualifying sites are assigned for teams, those direct links for registration will be posted to the Upcoming Event Info page. 

Championship Qualification Information

This meet is a championship meet.  Qualification is earned by performances during the Qualification meet round on May 11th.  Regular registration will not be needed, as all entries for this are automatically pulled from the qualifier meets on Saturday the 11th.

Advancement from Qualifiers:  

Each of the 3 qualifying sites will be running Live Results so spectators/coaches/athletes will be able to determine who would be qualified for the Championship.


IF THERE IS A SCRATCH, we will attempt to contact the next person on the list, to try to fill the field of 16 for the Championship.

COACHES:  If you have an athlete/relay that is close on the qualification list, please stay tuned to email for the afternoon/evening following the Qualifier, as we will attempt to contact you with any advancement opportunities your athletes/relays may have open to them. 

Boys Championship Records

100M:  11.88 Thomas Stokes (Henry W. Longfellow) 2023

200M: 24.37 Dannell Crain (Kipp Indy) 2022

400M:  57.16 Blake Justus (CFI School 8) 2023

800M:  2:29.30 Hammond Declan (CFI School 2) 2023

1600M:  5:16.77 Flora Elias (CFI School 2) 2023

110Hurdles:  16.54 Cayden Younger (Christel House) 2023

4x100:  48.73  (Henry W. Longfellow) 2023

4x400:  4:16.03 (CFI School 2) 2023

High Jump:  5'4"  Jason Johnson (Harshman) 2022

Long Jump:  16'8" Dylan Johnson (Victory College Prep) 2023

Shot Put:  42'7" Justin Stokes (Henry W. Longfellow) 2023

PDF Copy of Meet Records

Girls Championship Records

100M: 13.41Jhazlyn McKay (Tindley) 2023

200M:  27.47 Jhazlyn McKay (Tindley) 2023

400M:  1:04.17 Eva DaCosta (Sidener 59) 2024

800M:  2:44.38 Ruby Brown (CFI School 2) 2023

1600M:  6:21.58 Nellie Smith (CFI School 8) 2023

100Hurdles:  18.15 Jaicy Merridith (Phalen) 2023

4x100:  54.23  Harshman 2023

4x400:  4:51.70  CFI School 84  2023

High Jump:  4'4"  Juliann Jones (Merle Sidener) 2022

Long Jump:  13'11" Desirae Wash (George Washington) 2023

Shot Put:  33'5" Kajzer Fritzie (CFI School 2) 2024

PDF Copy of Meet Records