Our name means that we are going to do our best to provide you with service that goes above and beyond what would be "acceptable" in our field. We are happy to announce that to serve that end we will be partnering with FrontRunner Timing to bring quality, professional service to our running and walking community. For many years, Front Runner has been the go-to for race directors and athletic directors in our area who are looking for someone to help host a quality event with accurate, professional results and with a level of enthusiasm that can only be shared by people who truly enjoy being a part of this community. When we first started in the field 7 years ago, we leaned on their expertise to shorten our learning curve and have enjoyed working together ever since. With this partnership you can expect a few things that we see as upgrades.

Ease of Access to Information: All event info and race results for either of our companies will be hosted here on our website. Whether it is a road race, a track meet or a cross country meet, you will be able to find meet/race entry, meet/race info, and results in one place.

System Improvements: By pooling our resources this partnership accelerates our ongoing effort to improve equipment so that we can provide a better service to race hosts.

Expanded Staffing: In the past we have each been in situations where we had to decline requests for our service because we were already booked. We really hate to see race hosts and their participants be put in that position. By combining our network of resources we will be able to offer our services to more people.

Experience and Perspective: We will be cooperating with one another to bring new ideas and services to you. When you hire one of us, you get both of us as a resource.

Now partnering with Indiana Timing

In our quest to provide the best service for race directors and meet hosts, we are now working in collaboration with the good folks at Indiana Timing.

If we will be covering an event for Indiana Timing, you can expect to have race information before the race and immediate results after the race here on our website in our format. We will collaborate with Indiana Timing to ensure that they also get updated shortly after on Indiana Timing in the format that users are accustomed to.